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In Home Infant Toddler Developmental Specialist in Florida




In Home Infant Toddler Developmental Specialist in Florida

All of us who are parents remember what it was like when our child or children were infants. It was a special time, and it was also one that, when looking back on it, seemed to pass quickly despite all of those sleepless nights.

Moving into toddlerhood is definitely a transition, but we learn as we get older that life is basically filled with different transitions, and some are relatively smooth while others are extremely difficult. The same holds true for children between 12 and 18 months of age as they transition into toddlers. Some face serious difficulties, and those who do in this area would benefit from an in home infant toddler developmental specialist (ITDS) in Florida.

You may be wondering, “What is an ITDS?”, and whether you’re in Florida or not, you’re about to find out what this person is all about and how they can help you. AMP Therapy can provide your child with an in home ITDS in Florida, so we invite you to read on below if you find your child of that age struggling.

What Is an ITDS?

An ITDS is an infant to toddler developmental specialist. They’re someone who designs and helps complete programs for children to properly transition into toddlerhood. Children, ages 0-3 are in a constant state of transition, and an ITDS can help children catch up who have fallen behind in their development.

These programs help children to reach milestones that they should have met while infants but did not, and every program is put together on an individualized basis.

Why Choose an ITDS?

If your child is struggling with basic and customary developmental milestones for that age that include mobility, speech, physical awareness or other potential developmental issues, it may be a good idea to seek the advice of several different early intervention developmental specialists.

One of these is an ITDS, and this person will help you decide how you’re going to proceed with regards to finding ways to bridge the developmental gap that may be forming before it becomes too wide to overcome.

Who Benefits from an ITDS?

An ITDS will help families whose child may be experiencing physical, occupational or speech-related challenges overcome those challenges by way of specific steps and sessions designed to minimize the impact of problems that can arise.


An in home ITDS in Florida will come to your home regularly and spend time with your child, working through exercises and tasks that will deal with those challenges. For instance, if your child is experiencing severe mobility problems, an ITDS will design steps to help your child cope with and perhaps overcome those limitations.


What Can an In Home ITDS in Florida Accomplish?

An in home ITDS in Florida can help your child and family members:


  • Develop coping skills to deal with problems that arise.

  • Work towards improving physical skills that may be lacking in terms of achieving milestones.

  • Help parents and family members understand steps that need to be taken when challenges arise.

  • Identify the members of the support group that will be necessary in order to promote an environment of nurturing.

  • Define the roles of members of that support group so that those involved will be able to assist in overall development.

How AMP Therapy Can Help

If you’re concerned that your child has developmental issues, the earlier you exercise a proper level of intervention, the better. AMP Therapy can provide an in home ITDS in Florida that will come to you so that he or she can observe your child in his or her natural environment, put a program together as described above and help bring your child into the next stage of life with as much success as possible.


If you’d like to learn more about how we can help, contact AMP Therapy today to get started.

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