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AMP specializes in three core areas of therapy: Occupational, Speech, and Physical Therapy. AMP Therapy is committed to providing exceptional treatment to children in all of Florida. We apply years of experience and conduct individualized assessments to identify our patients' areas of need to create custom and functional treatments. Our mission is to help children of all ages achieve their developmental milestones provided by the kindest, most reliable and knowledgeable therapist in the field. We offer parent and teacher consultations to ensure that goals are achieved and that the proper follow up across all settings is given.





01 / Occupational
02 / Speech 
03 / Physical

Speech-language therapists evaluate, diagnose and treat children with language, communication and swallowing disorders who experience a range of issues impacting speech production, comprehension and expression.

Physical therapists use examinations to diagnose the root of movement impediments; and utilize evidence-based techniques to treat musculoskeletal problems and improve mobility in children facing various conditions.

Occupational Therapists focus on achieving independence in every aspect of our patients' daily tasks. Our treatment programs focus on a child’s self-care, sensory integration, fine motor skills, self-help skills, handwriting, and playtime.

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We believe that pediatric therapy should take place in the child's natural environment and in natural ways. Provided only by kind, reliable, and knowledgeable Therapists. We develop family-like relationships with children and parents. We feel that empowering parents, teachers, and caregivers through consultation and training is key to a child's success. 





01 / AT HOME
03 / AT PLAY
04 / With TeleMedicine 

Each child can receive therapy while in the comfort of their own home. AMP's professional therapists become part of the child's life by giving them the care they need, where they feel most comfortable.   

Active children need active care. AMP fits the need of each child by allowing them to choose where their sessions will occur achieving greater results. 

AMP offers remote TeleMedicen treatment to your child. Because of this, most of our kiddos were able to go uninterrupted despite the state's self-isolation. We can create a treatment plan that includes both in-person to treatment as well as TeleMedicine for your child. For those families that live in remote areas, TeleMedicine can be the solution.  

AMP closely works with teachers & and caregivers of our young patients to fabricate each child's development in the best place possible. 

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AMP Pediatric Therapy is dedicated to helping children of every age progress towards their developmental milestones. Our practice is the home to many therapists that all share three qualities—kindness, reliability, and knowledge.  Our team provides Pediatric Speech therapy, Pediatric Occupational Therapy, and Pediatric Physical Therapy services to children throughout the state of Florida.

In 2014 nearly six years ago, AMP Pediatric Therapy was built by the Perez family, Alexander, and Alexandra (Alex & Alex). Twenty years of experience in outpatient clinics, hospitals, home care, facilities, and daycares led to the creation of AMP Pediatric Therapy, a pediatric therapy practice serving clients under the age of 21 in their natural setting.

AMP Pediatric was created with three goals in mind. Provide the best treatment available by the kindest, most reliable, and most knowledgeable therapists. 


AMP Pediatric Therapy is dedicated to making sure our patients succeed in every session. Our vision is to help every child set goals and achieve developmental milestones. Through keeping family members and caretakers informed of each child’s specific treatment plan, we will create a team to support their ongoing growth.

We only work with children and are experts at it. We will always communicate the progress of your child. 






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