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In Home Pediatric Speech Therapy in Orlando FL

Helping your child communicate both verbally and non-verbally is something that every parent wants. It’s also something that many people take for granted, but anyone who’s gone through it knows that speech is very important and truly a miracle for a child who struggles to communicate. 


At AMP Therapy we are committed to getting your child to a place where they are able to express themselves, improve their auditory processing, and boost their social skills. And we do it all in-home.

Pediatric Speech Therapy Solutions in Orlando

There are many benefits to pediatric speech therapy, benefits that will help tyour child succeed in school, in work, and in social settings. By being able to adequately express themselves they are also better able to understand the people around them, follow instructions, convey ideas, and connect emotionally.


Improving communication skills through speech therapy solutions will bring them self esteem and confidence that they may never have expected to gain. It will help them on their path through school and education, enabling problem solving and increased independence. Ultimately, the goal of pediatric speech therapy solutions is to improve a child’s quality of life now and into the future.

In Home Pediatric Speech Therapy

AMP Pediatric Speech Therapy Solutions in Orlando, FL, is unique in that you don’t come to us. We come to you. We find that it’s easier for both parent and child if the therapy takes place in an environment where the child feels safe and secure, immediately more at ease than if they were in an intimidating office. At home, they are surrounded by people who love them, in a place where they feel cozy and safe, with their toys, pets, and siblings around for moral support. 


We also find that by seeing your child in their home environment we’re better able to understand the challenges that they face, the unique stresses and situations where they stumble through their communications. Likewise, we’re also able to see what they need to excel, where they achieve their very best, and we can learn from all of these situations.

Our Team of Pediatric Speech Therapists in Orlando

Our pediatric speech therapists have been recruited from the Orlando area, and we only take the best and brightest. Our therapists are educated and experienced, and they can build a natural rapport with your child while also guiding them through this difficult period in their development. 


We take great pride in our staff, and we know that when we send a therapist to your home to help your child, they will be in the best possible hands to address their needs. 


Our therapists not only represent themselves, but they represent all of us here at AMP Therapy, and we stand behind them, knowing they’re excellent pediatric speech therapists in this complex industry. 

Pediatric Speech Specialist in Orlando, FL

Our goal, through all of this, is to get your child communicating and happy, and we make it our mission to ensure that no child has to suffer in their communications, self-esteem, and the joy of life. By meeting you in your home, and practicing the science we are so well-trained in, we can find the positive outcomes that your child requires.











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