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In-Home Pediatric Physical Therapy in Orlando FL

Pediatric Physical Therapy Treatment

Pediatric Physical Therapy Specialists

We know how intimidating it can be for a kid to have to undergo physical therapy. Physical therapy is often the result of a trauma or an injury, and the child has emotional associations with that painful experience.


It can be scary and the child might be afraid and dig in their heels, determined that they simply aren’t going to do it. No way.


Pediatric Physical Therapy At Home


At home pediatric physical therapy tears down one of these barriers: it brings the therapist into the child’s domain, the area that the child feels the most safe in. We get it: a doctor’s office can be scary and any kid can be afraid of the sterile environment, the foreign equipment, even the smell can be intimidating. 


But bringing the pediatric physical therapy to your Orlando, FL home, puts your children in a familiar environment. It allows for them to calm themselves and get into a position of confidence and control. This is their house, after all--nothing can be too bad. 


Plus they have all of their most comforting things around them. If they have exercises that require stairs, they can use the stairs in their own house. If they have exercises that involve them sitting while their legs are being manipulated, they can hold their most precious stuffed animal close to their chest while their legs are getting a workout. 


Add to that that their family is around. It’s not just a matter of being in a scary room with a physical therapist--you’ve got your mom right there, sitting in her regular chair. You’ve got siblings around that make everything seem so much more normal than anything they’ve experienced in a doctor’s office. Even having the family dog right there can lower the heart rate and keep your child calm and cool. 


Pediatric Physical Therapy in Orlando, FL


Our therapists know the Orlando area but don’t work out of an office. They work out of your homes. This allows for more flexibility in scheduling, and a more natural relationship between patient and therapist.


Our therapists are among the top educated and experienced in the Orlando area, and they’ve trained specifically how best to help your child get through their physical challenges and get back to the active lifestyle they want and dream of. Our therapists make it their goal to see those dreams fulfilled.


In-home Pediatric Physical Therapy Convenience


As physical therapists in Orlando, FL, we are focused on this community. Our therapists live in Orlando,  they know Orlando and they love Orlando. Our Orlando physical therapists visit you in your home to improve the therapy experience, and to make things easier on you.


It’s easy to schedule appointments, there’s no need for a babysitter, and you won’t have to drive across town, fighting traffic. We handle all of that. This is part of what makes us the best pediatric physical therapists in Orlando, FL.











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