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In Home Pediatric Occupational Therapy, Orlando FL

When your child is learning occupational therapy skills, they’re going to give a little push back. You’re trying to get them to do skills that, at first, may seem impossible to them, whether it be tying their shoes or spreading peanut butter on apple slices. 


This can be a very frustrating thing as they are being stretched to a point of discomfort--that point where they can learn but that point where they may push back. Imagine how much easier it will be to teach them to learn everyday skills in their own home than in an unfamiliar office. 


Pediatric Occupational Therapy At Home


AMP Therapy provides Pediatric occupational therapy at your home in Orlando. This helps break down barriers to good development because it removes some of that anxiety from the process. 


If your child is struggling with tying their shoes, they could either sit on a hospital bed and try to pull them on and tie them, or they can sit in the very chair at home where they’ll always be expected to put on their shoes. It not only teaches the skill (tying the shoes) but also reinforces that they can do it not just at the doctor’s office, but also right there in their very own home.


The same goes for learning how to use household tools. Whether they’re learning the difficult skill of using a can opener, making toast, or unscrewing the lid on a jar, at-home therapy helps kids learn these skills as they apply to the environment in which they’ll apply them.


It makes them more comfortable to try the skill when the therapist isn’t there. No more do they have lists of skills that they have to take home from the clinic and apply to all-new circumstances, but can merely continue to do what they’ve already learned. 


Further, your child can learn and grow surrounded by loved ones. You’ve got grandma right there to cheer you on. You’ve got your trusty pets around you, calming you and offering the kind of comfort that a therapist never could. 


Pediatric Occupational Therapy in Orlando, FL


We offer pediatric occupational therapy in Orlando, FL, not because we have a brick-and-mortar clinic in Orlando. Instead, we have therapists who live and work in Orlando, who know the community and who can easily access your neighborhood. 


We have the best therapists in the Orlando area and we want to make sure that they are getting to you as easily as they can. This allows for flexible scheduling, and a closer, more natural relationship with your child’s therapist. 


Pediatric Occupational Therapy Convenience


Our therapists love Orlando, which is why they choose to live there and give you guidance from your Orlando home. There’s also no need for you to worry about long lines; not in the waiting room or in the traffic jams getting to us. 


We take all of the trouble of the visit out of the picture and make a simple in-home visit, with in-home follow-ups, and in-home comfort. You owe it to yourself (and to your child) to try at home pediatric occupational therapy in Orlando, FL.










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