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In-Home Pediatric Occupational Therapy - Miami, FL

Pediatric Occupational Therapy Treatments in Miami FL

If your child is recovering from an illness or surgery, did you know that at-home therapy is often preferable to outpatient therapy for a variety of reasons? From short-term to acute diagnosis, in-home pediatric occupational therapy in Miami, FL provides your child with the tools and techniques that they need to overcome their personal struggles while leveraging the comfort and stability of home.


Not only is in-home therapy more convenient for parents and patients, but the quality of therapy is much better, providing tremendous benefits over typical outpatient therapy. Indeed, from birth to 18 years of age, children can get the therapy they need from the comfort of home, making for shorter recovery times and more positive prognosis.

The Pitfalls of Clinical Therapy

We may not realize it, but our behavior is heavily influenced by our surroundings. What you might feel comfortable doing at home isn't necessarily what you may feel comfortable doing in a clinic, and it's no different for kids. But kids with an illness or injury have an extra set of obstacles to overcome as they struggle to deal with a physical impediment on top of discovering and learning their place in the world.


Furthermore, clinics are filled with lots of strange items, people and other things that may draw your child's attention away from the work at hand. Worse yet, they may decide to shut down and withdraw as a way of protecting themselves from making a mistake or exacerbating their injury.

Benefits of At-Home Therapy

At home, everything's different. In-home pediatric occupational therapy in Miami, FL gives your therapist insight into your child's home life, including the specific difficulties they face on a daily basis. That allows your child's therapy to be uniquely designed and customized to their specific needs, while also giving family the ability to reaffirm good behaviors during therapy off-hours. 


It's also easier on parents that don't have to account for drive time to and from a faraway facility. This way, therapy is easily assimilated into a daily care plan when the entire family -- parents, siblings and extended family -- can help pitch in whenever there's a few extra minutes or a need.


With in-home pediatric occupational therapy treatment in Miami, FL, you'll be able to carry on the work of your therapist long after they've packed up and gone home. Daily routines such as feeding, grooming, toileting and dressing are opportunities to improve.


With parents and siblings reaffirming the advice of the therapist, your child will make bigger strides as they are lifted up by the support and love of everyone around them.


Familiar toys and other objects at home can also be used to improve your child's skills and development, making them more likely to engage in therapeutic activities during time that they might otherwise waste away. Additionally, under the guidance of your child's therapist, parents can adopt successful strategies, making them a part of routine behaviors so that your child gets the most impact out of their therapy sessions.

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