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In Home Pediatric Physical Therapy in Miami, FL

No one wants to see their little one struggle doing the things that their peers seem to do so easily. Whether the problem is due to an injury or a congenital issue, when children are unable to live as fully as the kids around them, it’s tough on them and it’s tough on the people who love them. 


These children just want to be able to go about life as everyone else, running and playing, going to school, socializing, but some conditions make that extremely difficult. That’s where AMP Therapy comes in.

Pediatric Physical Therapy in Miami, FL

Pediatric physical therapy focuses on movement. We want to maximize normal motor development while developing functional independence. We work on building strength, dexterity, and stamina in your child so that they have the physical tools they need to go about their daily routine of both tasks and play. 


If your child is recovering from an injury, we want to get them back to the fullest level of health possible. And if your child is dealing with a congenital problem, we want to help them overcome their difficulties as much as possible, through training, re-learning skills, and optimizing their potential.

In Home Pediatric Physical Therapy in Miami, FL

With AMP Therapy, you don’t need to worry about coming to us--we come to you! We find that by coming to your home and seeing your child interact with their most comfortable environment, there is a whole world of learning opportunities for our physical therapists. 


When we see them playing and working with their family members, we can see what coping mechanisms they have, what metaphorical crutches they rely on to go about their activities. We also see them when they are at their most comfortable. They’re not in an office that is foriegn to them and possibly scary, they’re in their own home surrounded by loved ones, pets, and toys that all make them feel safe and secure. 

Pediatric Physical Therapy Treatment


You’ll find that pediatric physical therapy is much more effective for a child in their home environment. They will learn real-world exercises that they can perform every day specialized to their home, they will be surrounded by people who love and support them, and they will be comfortable (and therefore much more receptive) to the therapy they are undergoing.

Pediatric Physical Therapy Specialists in Miami, FL

Our pediatric physical therapy specialists in Miami are among the best educated and experienced in the region. We rigorously vet our staff to make sure that we only send the best and brightest to visit you and your child in your home. Physical therapy is a rigorous field that requires a lot of study and clinical work, and these therapists all have stellar recommendations and credentials that enable us to be certain that you will get the best care, bedside manner, and latest innovations available. 

Pediatric Physical Therapy Specialists


Call us and have us walk you through the process and procedures we use to make your experience the best it can be. We want to get your child healthy, happy, and active again.











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