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When you have a child at home that needs special care and attention, the most important thing is quality of care. That’s the bottom line, and children will usually see their situations improve more rapidly in a familiar environment. 


It’s an added benefit of at-home pediatric therapy that you don't have to settle for lengthy remote visits. From the challenge of getting your child to the appointment to travel time and the limitations of unfamiliar surroundings, not to mention the expense, many parents have in recent years sought out alternative solutions like in-home pediatric therapy in your Jacksonville, FL, home.


Why In-Home Pediatric Therapy Works So Well

Comfort and Convenience

Forget about traveling and ending up in a stuffy room that doesn’t encourage your kid to excel. With in-home pediatric therapy, your child is able to get the care they need in a convenient setting at home, all with familiar surroundings and faces.


Because they're already accustomed to being at home, a therapy professional is able to maximize the effectiveness of treatment and minimize downtime and other distractions. 


Family Support

At home, the family can also play a more supportive role, helping out and engaging your child in offline practice. This will only further the strides they make during their appointments with a pediatric therapy professional. 


Additionally, your child's therapist will be able to observe the patient in normal surroundings, which provides better insights and increases treatment effectiveness.


Scheduling Flexibility

One of the best benefits of in-home pediatric therapy in Jacksonville, FL, is the flexible appointment times. These times are tailored to your family's schedule, not the inner workings of a big, remote facility. 


This means that your child will get the treatment they need at a time and in a place that works best for them and the rest of your family, further improving the impact of the therapy itself.


It's also important to note that at-home pediatric therapy is not some lesser version of the therapy that your child would see in a clinic or hospital. Instead, it's based on the same foundational tenets that governs pediatric therapy, except it takes place at home where your child is already comfortable. 


With occupational therapy, physical therapy and speech therapy, our therapists are trained in proven strategies that work, in addition to an understanding that each child and therapeutic process is unique.


See a deeper explanation of each type of in-home pediatric therapy below:


Physical Therapy


Some children face challenges that include medical, neurological or developmental issues. In-home pediatric therapy at your Jacksonville, FL, home is designed to help with both congenital issues and injury. 


This treatment can help improve things that include motor skills, balance and strength in addition to coordination, functional mobility and ambulation. It's easy for your child to get the assistance they need when physical therapy takes place in the comfort of home.


Occupational Therapy


Many children have difficulty in everyday life with challenges at home or in school. Occupational therapy provides your child with the tools to help conquer their disadvantages whether it's a physical or mental issue. 


Hygiene and self-care to range of motion and difficult behaviors are just some examples of the challenges with which occupational therapy can help. Learning new skills will empower your child to make the necessary adjustments to help them function at their best.


Speech Therapy


If your child has difficulty with speech or language, a pediatric speech therapist may be able to help. Examples of challenges that speech therapy helps overcome include:


  • Stuttering and articulation

  • Feeding and swallowing

  • Cognitive and social issues

  • Fluency

  • Argumentative communication and projection


Speech therapy is a comprehensive approach that evaluates all of your child's aptitudes and prepares them for real-world communication with family and others. 


Speech therapy goes beyond just speaking. It also deals with listening and comprehension, something that effectively expands your child's communication toolbox.


For more about in-home pediatric therapy in Jacksonville, FL, contact the experts at AMP Therapy. With at-home offerings that cover occupational therapy, speech therapy and physical therapy, you'll be able to give your child the help they need -- all from the comfort of home.

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