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In-Home Pediatric Therapy in

St. Petersburg, FL

Pediatric Therapy Specialists

Pediatric Therapy Services in St. Petersburg, FL

With in-home pediatric therapy in St. Petersburg, FL, your child can receive the therapy they need from the comfort of home. By becoming a part of your child's home life, our therapists are able to provide care in an environment that's comfortable for your growing child.


These significant advantages are why many parents have elected for at-home pediatric therapy solutions that provide significant advantages over other types of care.


Working closely with your child, our pediatric therapists in St. Petersburg, FL, offer crucial services to help your child develop core functions that will propel them throughout adolescence and into adulthood. 

Physical Therapy

The first of these is physical therapy, which helps children improve motor function, coordination and balance, as well as strength. For kids with neurological issues, genetic disorders or orthopedic conditions, in-home pediatric therapy in St. Petersburg, FL, can help gain strength and coordination.

Occupational Therapy

AMP Therapy also provides occupational therapy, which helps kids improve their fine motor and visual skills, in addition to handwriting, finger dexterity and overall coordination. 


Social and peer interaction skills are also a significant component of occupational therapy making it a great help for kids that are at risk for developmental delays.


Speech therapy is another component of in-home pediatric therapy in St. Petersburg, FL. Through our pediatric speech therapy services, we seek to improve verbal and non-verbal aptitudes.

Benefits of In-Home Pediatric Therapy

Instead of receiving limited or sporadic treatment, the pediatric therapy specialists at AMP Pediatric therapy provide many benefits over traditional therapeutic approaches with personalized, at-home care. These benefits include:


  • Convenience - An in-home pediatric therapy professional comes to your St. Petersburg, FL, home and works directly with your child.


  • Flexibility - We offer flexible appointment times that you would never be able to get with a traditional appointment.


  • Comfort - Your child is getting the care they need in the comfort of home. This enables us to get started on treatment right away rather than waiting for the challenges of a new and foreign place to subside. 


  • Bonding - A side benefit of in-home pediatric therapy in St. Petersburg, FL, is that while your child is getting the developmental attention they need, you're also strengthening your bond with your child. 

For more about our pediatric therapy services, contact the experts at AMP Therapy.

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